When we represent the Seller in a residential real estate closing, we make sure the Buyer gets any information they need, that the transfer of title is effectively completed, and that any underlying liabilities of the Seller are resolved (such as paying off mortgages).

G&G Law, LLC charges a flat fee of $995 for residential real estate sales. This includes all of our fees and we do not charge extra fees to attaining payoffs or resolving title issues that arise.

We use an out sourced paralegal service, Professional Paralegal Services of CT, LLC, to handle the document prep. PPSCT charges a flat fee of $280, plus $30 per FedEx. This fee includes copying fees.

We use Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company, or CATIC, for all title relates services. This includes release tracking in a sale, to make sure the mortgage company of the Seller record a release of the mortgage once they get their money. The CATIC Trac fee is usually $106 but might be more based on the payoff lender.

There is also Conveyance Tax of 1%, paid as 0.75% to the State of Connecticut and 0.25% to the Town.

There also may or may not be realtor commissions, and the amount of the realtor commission is based on the Seller’s agreement with their realtor.